Monthly Archives: August 2017

Loose Wrapped Bouquets


I love a nice loose wrapped bouquet.  It is a perfect gift for someone who has many containers and does not require another one.  Also, it give the recipient  the option to be “The Designer”.  Loose wrapped flowers can afford the sender to give more blossoms than with a florist designed bouquet because there is no container or labor charge for arranging.  When creating a loose bouquet I like to incorporate some greenery and a nice assortment of flowers from stock.  Perhaps some linear flowers, large focal flowers, smaller flowers, maybe even a little filler or accents like twigs, bear grass, wheat or whatever is in season.  After the bouquet is selected I wrap it in tissue lined cellophane and tie it with a bow.  Generally I use tulle with some accent ribbon.  Another option for packaging is tissue lines kraft paper for more of a rustic feel.  Loose flowers are sweet on their own, but the packaging really pulls it all together to create a gift!


Designer Choice Designs!


A couple months back I mentioned that I was beginning the process of building a new website for the store.  About a month ago I pretty much completed the site.  With a few minor tweeks I am happy with the final result.  It was built with our customers in mind and features the favorites from our past site.  However, with our new site we are receiving a good number of orders for the Designer Choice.  I am so happy people trust us to create floral designs using our own creativity.  Designer Choice Bouquets are designs made with the freshest blossoms from stock in the front cooler.  The styles could be traditional, abstract, colorful, pastel…whatever the Designer fancys that day.  These designs are not images on the Website but one of a kind creations!  Whether for a Birthday, Funeral, Anniversary, Get Well or even a Wedding you can not go wrong with this option. So if you trust your florist, can not decide on a specific web bouquet ask for the Designer Daily Designs.  Let creativity blossom!


Beauty across the Miles!


We were very fortunate this year and took a special trip out West to see family and travel.  One of our travels took us to where my husband Brian grew up in Idaho. Driving through the town everything had changed so much in the last 40years. Only one store did he notice was still the same- a jeweler. He thought that was pretty amazing that store was still there after 40years. Got me thinking about Blooms and what visitors to our town must think that have not been here for many years. After 85 years I wonder if they are as impressed as Brian was with the jeweler. I never gave it much thought until I saw his reaction to something so familiar, yet so long ago.  I hope when customers drive by our flower shop or stop in to shop they really can appreciate the labor of love and generations put into keeping our little shop going.  Below is pretty neat floral design we saw on our trip in a Hotel Atrium.