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A Treasured Honor.


It is not everyday that a person receives acknowledgement from their peers and community for their hard work.  That is why I was truly surprised to receive Orleans County Chamber’s Business Person of The Year Award on 9/22/17.  An honor I will never forget and I would like to share my words of acceptance from the banquet.–

I am honored to accept this award tonight.  18 years ago, almost to this day, I lost a job of 10 years I loved and depended on.  It was time to create a new dream and that is when I had my first meeting to purchase Bloom’s Flower Shop.  A doored closed but another one opened…

I would like to recognize the 3 Previous Owners for their hard work in cultivating the 82 year old legacy, Bloom’s Flower Shop.   The Bloom’s, Tumb’s and Oakley’s.

I would also like to thank My staff over the last 18 years & all our Family and Friends who come work with us during peak holiday seasons at the store.

My Husband Brian and Business Partner in all 3 of our Business.  Bloom’s Flower Shop, Brian London Electric, BGL Fly Fishing

The Chamber for recognizing me in such a meaningful way.

And All our loyal customers and new customers who trust us daily to create their floral designs.

Being successful in life & business is not just about mastering the bookkeeping, technique, marketing, buying/selling or even the money made.  It is about those relationships you foster with your customers and community and the trust built.  I hope I will continue to be inspired by those we service and our community in the years that follow.  Because it is those special moments shared with our customers of laughter and tears that keep this Florist going to her shop every day.


Rustic Boots Blooms


For a few years now I have had a screen saver that has western boots with flowers.  It is the prettiest image.  If you are like me and love country music and western wear this design is just the ticket for a Birthday Party, Wedding Reception or any Celebration that can use a good theme.  The thing I like about it is that you do not have to be a grand designer and the display is simple yet polished.  Just go to your local florists select 4-5 varieties of flowers.  Different shapes and textures.  The floral arrangements work monochromatic or vibrantly colored.  Find an old boot if you don’t have one, maybe at a thift store or ebay.  Put a vase inside the boot with some water.  Then carefully take your assorted blooms and gather them very loosely in your hand.  It does not have to be fancy or uniform, just make it very informal.  Trim the bottoms and pop them in the vase.  Try to cut them short enough so to cover the gap from the boot and vase.  Whether it is one or several this display and some George Straight is sure to make people want to say….Yee Haw!

screen saver