Floral Finance & Disasters


When States that are in the business of growing fresh product suffer a catastrophe like the recent hurricanes/ flooding/ fires, etc. it can many times effect the floral industry as a whole.  Many of our products from States or Countries effected grow product we use on a regular basis.  For example last year when the southern states experience flooding & hurricanes the leather leaf production was not as plentiful or obliterated.  Leather leave is a florist staple.  The price went up 35%.  To this day the price has never gone back down.  I am learning that for our upcoming Holiday that Boxwood was recently effected and this greenery may not be available and if it is it will be at Market Price (a scary term).  Another cost consequence of natural disasters is shipping cost.  For about 3 weeks after the most recent hurricanes the price of certain fresh product like Roses went up around 15% because the shipping cost went up during those difficult times.  During these situations we try to absorb the increases and hold our prices.  Natural disasters not only effect communities directly effected but also have an economic trickle down consequence as well.

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