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Bloom’s Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving and we have much to be Thankful for at the store.  Our history is long.  We have been able to be a part of making floral designs for customers for over 80 years!  The community’s needs have changed over the 80 years and we have managed to evolve and still remain relevant.  Each day we are lucky enough to interact personally with people and help create moments to be cherished.  Some occasion are happy and some are somber.  Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry.  But we get it done together.  In the age of computers and non personal relationships this store make us better people.  And let’s not forget about the creativity the store gives us an outlet for.  Each day we get to create displays, floral designs, and warm feelings.  We at the Store genuinely like each other and laugh alot, because we like to have fun while creating.  Laughter is the best medicine in life.  I can’t wait to carry this on into the upcoming Holiday Season.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!





Being able to create handmade bows is part of being a Floral Designer.  This particular task was the most difficult thing for me get my head around when I first began designing.  There is alot of twisting, turning and fluffing!  Once you master it, it is fun.  But until then it can be a bit trying.  It is difficult explain but you begin with a center loop and then work loops from the center loop going site to side and twisting with each completion of a loop.  When complete your bow add a streamer and then cinch it all together with a wire.  If you are a beginner you will start with one type of fabric.  Once you get the hang of it challenge yourself to add more than one fabric type to your bow.  For example, sometimes we mix tulle and satin or fabric and satin or raffia and satin.  It can add more flair to your design and little pops of color.  For Christmas Wreath Bows I love to mix fabrics for the decorated wreaths to create a real festive impact along with all the decorations on the wreaths.  Next time you want a good DYI project challenge yourself and create your own bows for your wreaths or flower bouquets.