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Phalaenopsis Re-Blossoming!


Phalaenopsis Orchids are so pretty when they blossom.  When we purchase them they are full of blossoms.  The blossoms will last quite a while, up to a month.  But then the blossoms fade and what you are left with is a plant with broad leaves and a green stalk(s) where the blossoms used to be.  If you are patient, and tend to it then you can watch as the plant re-blooms.  I took an orchid plant home and once the blooms faded I was not sure what to do.  So I read different theories regarding cutting the stalks that produced the blossoms.  I had two so I cut one and left one.  Every 7-10 days I soaked the root ball good and let it drink for 15-20minutes then I dumped the water out of the container leaving the root ball wet and placed on a north facing window sill (indirect sun).  Patiently I waited and about 9 months later the stalk I left started budding and about 2-3 weeks passed and whalaa – blossoms.  It was so easy.  I did not fertilize, just water + sun + a good talking to!  Give it a try and see what you can grow.  Mine is white, but they come in so many colors to enjoy.


Delivery Service


One of the important and unique services that a Traditional Florists offers is Delivery Service.  This service includes a completed product.  Floral Services that are not local florists deliver products that require assembly in a box – even to Funeral Homes (YIKES).  Unless you order a box of loose flowers, you are going to get a Florist designed bouquet in a container ready to enjoy.  When we deliver flowers out of our shop we wrap them and/or box them to ensure they arrive undamaged and protected.  We do not wrap in warmer weather because flowers like to breath and the bag could create too much heat for the flowers.  Upon taking orders we always ask for a phone number for the recipient.  This can be very important because in inclement weather or long drives we need a number to insure the recipient is home.  It is not cost effective to drive back and forth due to recipients not being home or answering doors (which happens too).  It is a crucial requirement to keeping delivery costs down.  If a recipient is not home and weather is conducive to leaving, we will find a safe place and contact the recipient by phone or door tag to ensure they find their delivery.  It is always nice to see the smiles a delivery can create!