Monthly Archives: February 2018

Small Shops and Service


There is one very important feature that a small, brick and mortar store has over big box stores or on-line order gathers.  Face to face customer service.  When you call a help number you most likely are going to be prompted to enter a series of bush button options rather than a real person before connecting to your desired location, if you are lucky.  If you go to a big box store there is a good chance that if you have a question regarding a product or service that the representative will not have the answers and many times they do not offer to get the correct answers either.  How many times have you asked a clerk if they have an item and they say I am not sure and don’t find out either.  When you enter a small shop, such as Bloom’s Flower Shop you are greeted with a smile and have our full attention.  When you asked a question we have an answer and if we do not we will find the answer.  That is what we base our success on.  Not just quality but service.  That is what people are paying for when they choose a small shop over a big box or on-line gatherer.  You can be rest assured that the staff is going to want to make it a positive experience because it is what keeps our doors open and us out of the unemployment line.  Most importantly when you stop in our shop we say Thank You, We Appreciate Your Business, Please Stop Again….  They are said because we mean it.  Small Shops need to keep their customers as much as their customers need them.  Imagine a world where no one communicates face to face.  No thank you!  The best part of working at a brick and mortar is the connections you make with your community and the service and smiles that you offer!  Stop into your local shops sometime and enjoy the relationships offered.  Stop in Bloom’s see how a Fresh Floral Bouquet can add smiles.  Literally.


Valentine. 100% Ready!


It is 8 days until Valentine’s Day and I sit at my desk knowing that we are 100% Ready!  Immediately following Christmas we pack up the store and begin building Valentine’s Day displays in the store, in the front window, as well as revamp the Website.  I unbox all the good items I purchased throughout the year and we create floral arrangement in each container that will become Store Features for the Holiday.  We put them on our Website and create a visual board for people who walk-in the store for pre-orders.  Along with that we make all the bows and assemble all roses boxes.  We restock our silks, Valentine Candy, Valentine Plush, Valentine Greeting Cards and Novelty items.  Pre-orders for fresh product, roses and plants are completed a couple weeks in advance.  The store is cleaned and organized because there will be alot of foot traffic leading up to the week of Valentine’s Day.  In addition, to all that we green in all our Holiday containers with baker fern and keep them fresh in our back cooler, ready to fill with fresh product.  We set-up a special section for completion of card messages for our Walk-In Customers.  The scheduling is completed and work chores planned out.  All this must be completed 7 days prior to Valentine’s Day.  Organization and Preparation is the key to surviving….along with dedicated helpers.  So when you select or receive your Floral Bouquets for Valentin’s Day, know that alot of Love and Thought has gone into every smile you will receive.