Monthly Archives: March 2018

Easter is Springing!


Nothing makes you feel like the long days of Winter are over like knowing you are on the heals of Easter.  This year Easter is April 1st.  When we create Easter designs we aim to create something that is fun yet puts you in the mood for spring spouts and colorful, sunny, feel good blossoms!  This year we created what we call an Easter Chic Bouquet.  We named it this because it is a standard glass cube vase wrapped in a clear cellophane that has imprints of Easter Chics and it is tied on with pastel raffia and yellow tulle.  Inside the vase we have filled it with greenery, springy colors of alstromeria lilies, carnations, daisys and tulips.  The size is perfect for a desk, table or small space.  But it is colorful enough to stand out for your Easter Celebration.  Happy Easter to everyone and enjoy the colors and scents of Springtime…chirp,chirp.


New York State Flower


Did you know that every State has it’s own Flower?  New York State’s Flower is the Rose.  The Rose was designated as the official State flower of New York in 1955.  Not any specific color, but any color rose can represent the State.  This flower has been around for Millions of years.  Other States have specific Rose varieties as Their State Rose, but in Our State it is non specific.  It grows in New York State and blossoms in the warmer months and goes dormant during the winter months.  During winter times rose hips that form at the base of the flower are eaten by wild birds and animals.  The rose is a symbol of love and beauty (as well as war and politics) the world over.  Although the Rose is such a common floral variety it is probably the most well known flower for it’s elegance and meaningful giving.  To see what other flowers are connected to various other states visit this site  The rose has played an important role in myth, history, and poetry from ancient times to the present.