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Escape Winter at Your Florist!


So last Post I mentioned that Winter was still hanging on.  April 17th and as I look out our front window I see …yep you guessed it snow.  Last Post I was feeling hopeful that we could be seeing our spring bulbs sprouting.  Right now it seems it could be a while.  So I ask the question, when was the last you visited your Local Florist?  Whatever the answer, now is perfect time to ditch the Winter blues and get a dose of spring/summer.  At Bloom’s you can find a nice selection of green plants in decorative containers all ready to bring inside and get some fresh Oxygen indoors and bring some life back to your surroundings.  Also, we have bouquets of fresh cut flowers that you can visually soak in and carry home.  Our cooler is always full for those who just want to take something with them on the fly.  Another option for those who are budding designers is to create your own bouquet by selecting your florals by the stem.  We can help you or you can create your own.  Once your selections are made we will artfully wrap your gift and you can take them home to display the blossoms in your favorite containers.  Put them all in one or sprinkle them around your house.  So take a few minute to go visit your Local Florist and take in the scents and sights today!

Spring Flower

Spring Beauty Blooms


It seems as though this Winter has gone on for a very long time!  The other day I spotted some Snow Drops in my yard.  It is only the beginning.  Pretty soon there will be crocus, daffodil, tulips, hyacinth, grape hyacinth!  These are all spring flowers that come with spring showers and warmer temperatures.  A sign that spring has arrived.  In the garden once these sprout you can leave them to enjoy the colors outside or cut them and bring them inside.  I find once I cut them and bring them inside they most likely won’t live quite as long as the blossoms still in the ground.  But if your flowers are outside and maturing in full bloom, cut them if there is going to be a heavy wind arriving to save them from Mother Nature.  Put them in some fresh cold water and keep them away from sunny windows and heat sources.  Although spring bulb flowers are some of the most vibrant colors and unique shapes, bulb flowers do not last as long as other varieties of flowers.  Keeping them cool will help to extend their life.  Spring flowers also smell so good, especially hyacinth.  Let the fresh scents of the outdoors wash away the winter blahs inside.  If you do not have these available in your yard, go see your florists and let them help you create a nice springy bouquet.  One thing is for sure, Spring never disappoints and the colors and beauty are on the horizon.!  Enjoy.  Spring Flowers make a statement on their own, you don’t even need accent flowers or greens if you don’t want.