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Social Media


Did you know that at Blooms Flower Shop we have a presence in Social Media.  Well we do! Our main platform that we utilize is Facebook.  However, we do socialize on Instagram (bloomsalbion) and a bit on Pinterest (bloomsalbion) .  On our pages we try to feature what is going on in our store during that time.  That would include any holiday floral designs, current floral news items and the occasional funny bit regarding store happenings!  It is nice when our post generate some feedback or buzz.  In addition, occasionally there will be a blurb about personal goings on just because we all are humans and it is nice to know the people behind the products.  Our goal is to bring our customers into our physical shop with a photo.  If you have never visited our links here they are, check us out!

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Coming into the summer season has got me thinking about Tropical Flowers.  We do not receive many requests for bouquets with tropical florals, but when we do it is a real treat.  Tropicals can be a bit more pricey and that is why we treat these as special order items.  In order to make it profitable we need to be able to use the stock to keep our waste low and prices in line.  However, with tropicals a design does not require alot of blossoms to make a statement.  That is because the blossoms are often times large and very colorful.  I consider them high end flowers because those with the most sophisticated floral palettes who dream of the hot tropics are familiar with these.  The stems can give the bouquet a very unique dimension and texture.  If you are curious about some varieties of head turners, just google florals like;  Birds of Paradise, Heloconia, Red Ginger, Protea, Orchids or Calathea.  Next time you want to treat yourself or someone special consider these exotic blooms, you won’t be disappointed.  Just a few stems can create a unique linear design with great pops of color at the base.



2018 Mother’s Day


This Mother’s Day I would like to feature one of our designs in our Blog Post.  It is our Tweet Messages for Mom Bouquet. If you like a mixed bouquet with a bit of size and textures then this is the Bouquet for you.  It is designed in a tin that is approximately 9″ tall and 8″ around.  The container is wrapped in a burlap type material that has postage stamps, birds and messages on it.  Thus the name “Tweet Messages”.  It has alot of character because of it’s stylized design and wide variety of flowers.  The florals designed in the container are daisys, larkspur, limonium, carnations, alstromeria lilies, roses, tulips and variegated pit.  They are all loosely arranged with certain blossoms poking out from the design to give it some depth.  Perched on the top of the bouquet is a decorative bird pick.    So send Mom some sweet “tweets” this year for Mother’s Day.   After the blossoms fade the pot can be used for a summer plant or flowering pot, a perfect keepsake!