Monthly Archives: June 2018

I Love Green


I love green!  ..and I am not referring to money in this post, but flowers.  Perhaps it is because green is my favorite color, but florals in shades of green are very comforting to me.  Normally I am not big on monochromatic themes but when it comes to green I make an exception.  When people think of greens they think of the foliage that accent flowers, however there are many varieties of blossoms that come in green.  Some of these are hydrangea, fuji miums, berrys, carnations, kermit poms, roses and amaryllis.  When you take these flowers that all have different shades and textures to them and arrange them together tightly in a bouquet with some green foliage the design is quite earthy and zen.  It is very easy to do.   One by one add the stems to the palm of your hand and hold them tightly together. Then snip the bottoms and put them in a vase nice and compact.  Bring the outdoors in!


Father’s and Flowers


This weekend is Father’s Day and don’t be afraid to get Dad flowers.  There is this belief sometimes, that Dad’s don’t like flowers.  Well that could not be further from the truth.  How many Dad’s like to garden, well…lots!  And what is in the garden,  Flowers come in different displays.  Some options are giving the outdoor Dad an outdoor blooming hanging basket or patio planter.  Both have color and can add happiness to the outdoors~.  A mixed bouquet pre arranged can also be a nice option for a Dad who stays inside to beat the summer heat.  Select a design with big bold leaves, and vibrant colors with some linear lines.  This a strong design for the one who helped make you strong!  Your Florist can help with other ideas for Dad as well like Gourmet Food Baskets or fun Balloon Bouquets.  These can tickle Dads tummy and eyes.  So don’t count your florist out when it comes to Father’s because there is alot to offer at your Local Florist who can also provide delivery services for a fun added feature.