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Wedding Palettes


Some Bride’s are drawn to different color palettes.  Some like monochromatic, some colorful and gardeny, some maybe pastel.  Recently I helped a Bride who wanted victorian colors.  To achieve this look we opted for a palette of dusty lavenders, soft pinks and burgundys with varying greenery to add more textures and colors.  When building a bouquet with depth it is important to use a variety so you can achieve a full design that appears to showcase all the florals.  For this particular bouquet we are using lavender stock, amnesia roses, majolika spray roses, cockscomb, silver brunia, dusty miller, ivory roses, burgundy astible and seeded euc.  The style is a handheld bouquet to give it more of a gardeny feel since it is an outdoor ceremony.  Also, the nice thing about handheld bouquets is they can be re-purposed after the ceremony in vases for the reception, just resnip and put in a vase.  Whatever the style of your Wedding, let Your Local Florist assist you in creating floral pieces that will achieve the look you are dreaming of.

Rose colors

Select Your Local Florist!


When you shop with your local Florist there are some real benefits over shopping from a drop ship facility.  These facilities are not located in our communities and are often times in different states.  Flowers are packaged, travel some distances overnight or longer and left on doorsteps – rain or shine.  When you order from your local Florist you can actually go into the store, if you like, and smell and see the flowers before shipping.  The arranged bouquets are hand arranged by designers so the recipient receives a professionally designed bouquet ready for display.  Box ships are loose flowers and maybe a container that the recipient has to design.  I heard the funeral home say sometimes they get box ships – their not Florist, they are Funereal Directors.  Your local Florist can handle same day deliveries.  You call, stop in or order on THEIR sites in the AM and a Florist designed bouquet can be delivered that day.   There are no service charges, just bouquet and delivery.  Most importantly when you shop local you help your local community, keep jobs and invest in your community.  Local business people want you to be happy with their service because they need your support.  So next time you want to send a floral gift to someone, let your local Florist help to make sure the bouquet is designed and ready to enjoy!