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Strike an Emotion with Color!


Whether you make them laugh or cry – Strike an Emotion!  Flower can express so many emotions for so many reasons.  There are many reasons to send flowers;  Birthday, Anniversaries, Holidays, Sympathy, Get Well, Congratulations, etc and the BEST reason is no reason at all!  Many times customers will use different palettes to express their sentiment.  Pastel to calm, bright colors to cheer, white for someone in mourning, red for love and romance, pink/whites/babys blues/yellows for a new baby, purple for passion, green for harmony.  When I deliver flowers to someone I always get a reaction.  The happiest of occasions bring smiles of joy and the saddest smiles of appreciation.  When you wish to let someone know that your are thinking of them, think about color and the various emotions they strike.  The psychology of colors and flowers is real !  It is cheaper then therapy and much more fun to receive.





Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful then a floral piece that is simply…all white.  No other colors.  It gives a felling of rebirth and purity.  White bouquets are not just for funerals or even bridal bouquets, but the right design can bring peace to any space.  When working with whites you can go pure white or mix in some off-whites or ivory tones.  Some pretty florals in white to work with are lilies, garden roses, tulips, lisianthus, babys breath, carnations, stock, gerberas, poms, calla lilies and more.  To break up the white use touches of greenery on the edges or lightly picked within the design.  The more varieties of flowers and greens, the more character the bouquet will have.  Variety is the spice of life but this can be created with texture and variety not just colors.  This pretty vase would be appropriate for any occasion and for a little color you could always use a colorful bow that would make the white pop even more!!  Your florist can help, call on them for their expertise.