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Nature/Nurture for Your Home


What makes my home “homey”…well I believe it is the presence of plants and flowers.  Not only do plants help facilitate clean oxygen in homes but they also aid with good mental health.  Some of my plants have been passed down from generations, for example I have a pothos that used to be in my Grandmother’s home for as long as I can remember and a spring rye that was my Aunts who passed over 35 years ago.  Plants are so easy to care for – they just need a little water/sun/ and love.  To add some pops of color I add some seasonal fresh flowers.  It is as simple as adding a stem to old jars or creating one statement piece for a table.  I know that my home is my safe place and when I am there I need it to be welcoming and a space that makes me happy and those that come to visit.  If you are looking for a way to “homey-up” your home, consider visiting your local florist who can help you to find plants or flowers to bring life and warmth to your home.

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Travel Inspiration


The nice thing about Floristry is that when ever I travel I look for the beauty in nature and really appreciate the colors and foliage I recognize.  Whenever possible I snap some pictures to share when we take our weekly Store Hiatus.  This year we went to S.W. Florida and it was a perfect place to find inspiration to snap some pics.  Below are a few of my favorite plant/blossom encounter.  One of niftiest was the banana tree plant that had actual bananas growing from the vine.  Also, I loved how the butterfly found a pretty habitat in the butterfly garden.  Although traveling abound to grab a bit of nature is beautiful, keep in mind that no matter what time of year – your Local Florist loves to create fresh floral designs that you can bring inside to enjoy and grab a bit of the Tropics!  Enjoy.