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Fall with Some Purple!


To be honest, I am not much of a fall season person.  I prefer summer when everything is colorful and thriving outside in full bloom and the trees are perfectly green.  With that being said, there is an aspect I do really enjoy.  It is the colors available and in season during fall that we create floral bouquets with.  Most people think of bronzes, oranges, yellows, browns, and red tones.  I want to include in that list some plums and purple tones.  Their addition will remove some of the monochromatic feel and add some pops of color and I love pops of color!  It creates a warm but inviting color palette that the season needs as temperatures start to fall.  By combining different varieties of flowers and foliage such as poms, sunflowers, asters, berries, solidago, fall leaves, wheat, greenery, eucalyptus, the overall display has a very cozy character.  Visit your local Florists and they can help to select the perfect combination to add some warmth to your fall season.

fall basket

Best Part of My Job..


Every job has it’s fun tasks and tasks that may not be most fun.  Which is up to the person because everybody has different ideas of fun.  So what makes My Flower Shop fun for me.   It is creating and helping.  First being a Flower Shop Owner allows me to be creative when purchasing items for holidays, building bouquets, creating displays and working on Our website.  All these tasks involve a creative vision.  I really enjoy starting something from scratch and watching it blossom into something others can enjoy or find helpful.  Many times I just wing it and once I get going the creativity flows and other times I need to make a plan – like the time a lady wanted us to create a wagon wheel.  Second, everyone wants to feel needed and working with Customers and the Community to help them create designs to express a sentiment is very fulfilling.  Whether that be a happy occasion such as a Birthday or Wedding or a more heart tugging event like a Sympathy or Illness.  Coming from an office background and sitting behind a desk all day, becoming a Flower Shop Owner and helping others is a part of the job that I grew to really appreciate.  If you find that being creative and helping others makes you happy perhaps consider a profession like Floristry and watch your life blossom into something beautiful.


October Floral Events about Appreciation!


This month brings another great reason to call on your Local Florist.  Two annual events appear on the calendar –  Boss’s Day and Sweetest Day.  This year’s National Boss’s Day is on 10/16 and Sweetest Day is on 10/20.  First Boss’s Day…  a great way to celebrate your Boss would be to present them with an item appropriate for their office, such as a planter with some colorful fresh cuts or an arrangement in a drink mug with brightly colored blossoms.  Each offers a gift that will become a keepsake.  Or if your Boss is a foodie you could do a fruit or food basket to please their bellies.  Second Sweetest Day…  a sweet little day to offer a precious wrap of mixed pastel blossoms and/or Roses delicately presented in decorated wrap and a pretty little bow.  Include some chocolates for a finishing touch!  Either holiday can be made more festive with some fun balloons too.  Get creative this year and don’t forget to show your appreciation.  Take advantage of your Florist Delivery Service or personally delivery the gifts.

bouquet    bouquet3