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Wreaths for Holiday Memorials


I set a goal each Holiday season that right after Thanksgiving I try very hard to get the wreaths delivered and placed out to the Gravesides before December 1st.  Although Thanksgiving feel early this year it seemed it may be a bit tricky to get that goal accomplished because we had a snow event and the weather has not been cooperative.  The trick to placing wreaths is to make sure you do it before the ground freezes or it becomes impossible to securely stake the easels in the ground.  The early holiday season is when we see most customers looking for easels and wreaths as well, because they have learned this lesson as well.  The style of wreath depends on the customer.  We have some with plain big velvet bows and others prefer them decorated.  When decorating a wreath you can use hot glue or wire to secure your decor.  Decorations can be pine cones, berrys, silk poinsettias or winter flowers, shinny seasonal glass balls and other seasonal fun do-dads.  We have some that prefer patriotic, such as a flag with the red bow.  Another wants theirs with some little gold instruments because there loved one was a musician.  No matter the theme of the wreath get them up early so they can be displayed for the entire season.  DYI it or go to your local Florist for help!


Thanksgiving Designs


Next Week is Thanksgiving.  When your family gathers around the Thanksgiving Table to give Thanks this year make sure that along with the fixings there is Life at the table.  By that I mean …yep you guessed it Flowers.  During Thanksgiving, memories are created and those memories should be as beautiful and colorful as possible.  Nothing adds to a moment like flowers.  Some people prefer a fresh mixed arrangement in a fun container, some are traditionalist and like a long low centerpiece with some candles to add glow to the table and others perhaps a festive cornucopia.  Whichever, fill it with colors of the season, bronzes, oranges, berrys tones, reds, browns and a peeks of green.  Gourds, fresh fruits, twigs and fall leaves are also some items that will make your design more festive and add texture.  Enjoy all that natures hold this season in colors, because soon it will be Winter and in the North East that means life is in hibernation outside for plants and flowers.  If you have a special person you can not be with, call your florists and let them deliver some smiles across the miles to those you are thankful for but can not be with.  Whatever your design preference call upon your local florist to help!

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