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Looking Forward to 2019


Another year has come and gone from The Shop.  I just celebrated my 18th year of Valentine’s Days, Easters, Mother’s Days, Thanksgivings and Christmas (along with many other individual milestone events for our customers.  Navigating through the different seasons can be a bit tricky even though we have done it for many years.  Things have changed.  Like any business we have lost employees to retirement or new careers and learned to get the job done with less people.  After a while you become more efficient because you have experience in your corner.  Another tricky thing is that Holiday success can be dependent on weather and day of the week.  Again, after many years we have experienced many different scenarios.  Through all of this it is important to maintain professionalism and continue to do our best with what we have learned.  Sometimes we make mistakes, we are human, but out of that becomes another lesson learned on how to do better.   Thankfully in the rare instances when we do error, our customers are mostly generous with their understanding and allow us to make it right.  As we venture into this New Year there will be more challenges, more Bouquets to design and community to help guide us and share moments with.  As in most things, nothing ever stays the same and then we must adapt.  I have seen many changes over my time here in the Florist Industry.  Here is to 2019, may it be Our Best One Yet!  and Your To!


2018 Christmas Features


Each year about 1-2 months prior to Christmas I gather up all the containers I have purchased through out the year for Christmas and begin the process of building features.  18 Years Ago, when I first purchased the shop, it was common among Florists to rely on wire service to create their features.  After 7 years we decided to create our own.  It was more cost effective and our local customers commented that they really liked our originals, plus they were more unique and a better value. This year we came up with really cute items, some have keepsake containers that can be refilled every year or perhaps a keepsake ornament.  Depending on your taste our features run in varying sizes, styles and price points.  When creating a feature I take into consideration the container style, mixture of evergreens and longevity of the flower variety.  In past years I have tried to work with colors other than red and white, but let’s be real…most everyone wanted red and white.  One of our higher end bouquets is The Winter Song Bird Bouquet.  It is a large design in a rustic wooden container featuring a burlap tree.  Inside is a wide variety of evergreens, white poms; alstromeria; , red carnations; rose; hypericum berrys.  For some festive accents we added 2 white doves, pine cones, shinny glass balls and a plaid bow.  To see all our features see our website http://www.bloomsflowershop.NET