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Keep Your Flowers Fresh!


With Valentine’s Day on the horizon it seems like a good time to re-address proper care for cut flowers when you receive them.  If you receive flowers that are loose wrapped in paper, boxed or in cellophane first thing to do is prepare a vase of cool water and add some floral preservative that is provided by Your Florists.  Before arranging your flowers in your container, make sure to retrim all the stems first.  Dried up stem ends will not drink water properly like a stem with a fresh cut.  Whether your flowers come arranged or loose, the next steps will help Your flowers to last a bit longer.  Keep your fresh flowers away from heat sources and fans.  Unlike potted flowers, fresh cuts will benefit from areas out of the direct sunlight and away from hot spots.  Every 2-3 days check your water levels.  Provide fresh water as needed and if your flowers are in a vase it doesn’t hurt to change the water entirely after 4-5 days and give the flowers a good retrim.  Some people add ice cubes or other “homegrown” methods to keep their flowers fresh, but honestly I just use fresh cool water and that is good enough.   Using these simple tips and a little tender loving care, you will be able to enjoy your flowers for days.



Every now and then we receive a request from a customer that is a challenge.  Something we have never done before.  That is what happened last week when a customer contacted me about doing a flower arrangement for a sympathy.  On an easel.  Seemed pretty straight forward, but as our conversation progressed I realized she meant a solid piece in the shape of a flower.  When we are given a challenge, if I can see a way we can create it then we give it a try.  As a florist when we create a cross, heart, wreath or solid easel spray the shapes are pre-made from wet oasis.  These forms are not cheap, but they are exact and provide a water source for the flowers.  Non-standard shapes need to be cut out of Styrofoam and then have buds glued to them.  This is quite time consuming and once the flowers are adhered they will not have any water source because we had to use foam.  For this reason we tend to stick with poms and carnations because the blossoms won’t fade as quickly as other varieties.  My customer noted that the piece was for a lady who loved flowers, gardening as was very colorful.  Once we completed The Flower it was approximately 2ft by 2ft.  As a creative Shop it is good to step out of your comfort zone and try new things…test your talents!