Monthly Archives: February 2019

Safari Sunset


This week I am going to talk about the flower foliage called Safari Sunset.  This particular product can act as both a greenery and a pop of color flower.  It’s foliage and head are both green and red faded into one another.  Once the upper blossom opens it may sometime reveal a cream cone, thus the nickname “coneflower”.  This particular fresh item can be incorporated in any seasonal bouquet.  It brings a richness and added texture to otherwise softer bouquets.  The branches are long and when I receive them in they are typically a single stem foliage.  They are easy to work with and can be arranged into almost design with pin-point precision.  As an added plus they are known for their long vase life in bouquets up to 21 days!  Next time you are looking for an interesting twist, think about the Safari Sunset.


Valentine 2019 Feature


Each Valentine’s Day we create our own special designs with containers we have collected throughout the year.  I try to find containers at the best prices so we can fill them with more flowers in order to reach our target price points.  We stick with lots of red, pink and white shades since these are the hot selling colors that customers perceive as Valentine colors of affection.  But as any Florist knows those three colors are in high demand on February 14th so the price for such colors go up.  In order to keep arrangements affordable, while keeping them in the holiday colors, we may add some accent colors in purple shades or even greens.  Below is one such feature with delicate flowers in traditional Valentine pastels designed in a keepsake ombre large mason jar with a filigree gold heart.  It is both tasteful and elegant.  It is light and airy and the Red Roses give the romance needed.  For a little added flirtation some shinny red ting flows outward.  This is what we call Bloom’s 2019 Love’s Embrace Bouquet!