Monthly Archives: March 2019

At time for change…


As the sign in the front window states “Life Is Like A Garden…Ever Changing Yet Full Of Possibilities.”  Such is the case at Our Little Shop.  When you are used to working a certain way for a long time it is difficult to know for sure what life or work will be like when big changes happen.  When things you rely on or the normalcies of life are tested, you need to find solutions and fall on your jest for the love of what you do to forge ahead.  A great way to do that is to surround yourself with people who are like minded and love and appreciate the process as much as you do.  Positvity is great motivator.  We are in a bit of transition by training new staff who have brought their own creativity and positive energy to Our Shop.  As one new member stated, positive energy can surround a place with good vibes!  If you are in a state of transition don’t let it get you down.  Think of the possibilities that will spring from it.  If am finding that if you give people a chance and allow them to bring new ideas and express their curiosity for the process, that new ideas can blossom.  So next time you are thinking of a change in your business, don’t be afraid to try drastic chance.  You may find that things that you never knew where possible are – and people’s abilities can be a pleasant surprise.  Here are Bloom’s newest team members.  Their appreciation, flexibility and willingness to bring ideas and do what needs to be done is part of what will keep us in Our creative bubble here at 139 S. Main Street!  So say “Hi” to Carrie and Heather!


Large Mums Redefined!


Some people believe that large Mums such as Fuji Mums, Spidar Mums or Cremones are just for sympathy bouquets to be present at Funerals.  That may have been a common practice years ago but current times use these bold flowers in everyday designs, event work and even wedding designs.  These large mums are known for their large blossoms in many bold colors.  They are easily tipped with floral spray in order to create other color combinations or even 2 toned blossoms.  Large mum blossoms are easy to design with because they have sturdy steams that are easily placed in either vases or wet floral foam.  Their vase life is exceptionally long and can last 2-3 weeks with proper care.  Next time you create a garden bouquet for the home consider this blossom as your focal point.  Feng Shui adherents believe the Chrysanthemum brings laughter and happiness into the home!