Monthly Archives: April 2019

Sweet Beans!


For years I have been wanting to create an Easter Feature designed around a colorful bamboo Easter Basket with a tall handle.  You never know where inspiration is going to find you, but with me it was at a dollar store where I saw such a basket with pretty lace trim, Perfect!  We filled the basket with greenery and topped it with a very colorful mixed tulle & satin bow.  Inside sprouts bright springy flowers such as Iris, Daisy Poms, Liatrus, Tulips and more.  We added a fun Egg Pic and of course a bag of Jelly Beans that will be soooo sweet to the taste buds while enjoying your Spring Easter Bouquet.  Each year the basket can be re-filled as Easter Week approaches.  Happy Easter and be sure to visit your local florist to see what inspires them and you may find your own inspiration too.


Bulb Garden Greatness!


Nothing makes the world feel springy like a mixed bulb garden.  Designed in a clay pot this creation is a staple of springtime.  Inside a bulb garden can be bulb plants such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus as well as other green plants such as ivy or even flowering primrose.  When all the springy bright colors are planted in soil it creates a vibrant springtime display.  The lasting power is also nice because the bulb plants can be stored and forced each spring or planted outside in your garden.  So next time you are thinking about a spring gift, keep this product in mind.  Your local florists can help you or if you like to get dirty it is fun to select your own fresh product and create a unique design that you can put your name on in a container of your choosing.