Monthly Archives: May 2019

Tape or Wire


To tape/wire or glue that is the question.  For a good majority of our years here at the Shop every corsage was wired and taped to create a corsage for the wrist.  However, long ago shops began to use the gluing method.  So last year for prom we did some research and got our technique down and began gluing our corsages that consist of small buds like spray roses, mini carns, daisys etc.  This method has allowed us to work faster while creating corsages that are more delicate and less bulky.  These particular corsages can have pre-prep such as bows attached to the wristlets and even greenery pre-adhered.  Corsages are more upright and less long and flat.  These options available on our Prom table are selected more often then the larger corsages.  We do have occasion where Prom-goers wish to have a corsage with a full size rose with accent flowers.  In this situation we still tape/wire blossoms together due to the weight of the rose. Either choice is appropriate and both will create a perfect accent for your special event.  As a Florist the more delicate pieces are easier on the fingers and less laborious.  One style is more of a current trend while the other is more traditional.  Either way you go you want to be sure to include these artful creations to your ensemble Prom night.



Getting Dirty Hands!


It is that time of year that we head out to the garage and start digging out the pots!  In a week and a half it will be Memorial Day and that means alot of physical hard labor around our shop.  Each year we fill approximately 90 pots for customers who wish to decorate the graves of someone who they wish to remember this time of year.  The majority of our pots are created with fresh product such as spikes, vinca and geranium plants.  When heading out to the cemeteries we first have to get a handle on any root balls from the previous year and shake out all the viable dirt.  We then discard the root and prepare the pot for fresh product strategically placing each item so the pot is balanced.  This means blossoms facing outward all the way around the pot with a spike in the center and vinca evenly dispersed amongst the plants.  Once everything is placed we can fill  the gaps with a mixture of dirt/vermiculite/ peet moss.  This display is very traditional and you will see many around the cemeteries for Memorial Day.  Geraniums are a very hardy summer plant that can maintain dry, sunny conditions.  However, we do water those pots weekly as requested by individual customers.  There is alot of heart that goes into filling, along with muscle!

Memorial Day Pots


Mom’s Tweet Messages!


This year we have once again created our own designs to offer for Mother’s Day on our Website and in the Shop.  I think one of the more interesting designs is a heavy ceramic birdhouse that is filled with color and greenery.  The selection of flowers are long lasting and include larkspur, alstromeria, hypericum berrys, carnations, wax flower and purple kale.  The focal flower is the purple kale and with it’s variegated aspect it really draws the eye to the center.  It is a unique option that is not often found in many bouquets.  To add to the birdhouse theme we created a bird nest out of spanish moss and hot glued a bird upon it.  The spanish moss overflows the nest and pokes out of the hole of the birdhouse.  This also allow us to hide the green floral oasis that is inside the container.  With some water and care this will last for a couple weeks and then leave a cute keepsake that can be used as a summer planter or filled with more fresh cut blossom.  Definitely a sweet tweet for Mom this year!