Monthly Archives: July 2019

Say Yes to Plants!


When you think of Your Local Florist I am sure you think of beautiful florals!  But do you think of plants?  If not you should.  Your Local Florists offers many varieties of plants in all shapes and sizes.  At Blooms we receive in various plants from different suppliers and we then begin to create.  Larger plants we tend to keep as singles and plant in pretty containers with bows and a pop of color.  This color may be a silk bud, butterfly pic, bird or fun seasonal pic of some variety.  For smaller plants we combine them into a container to create what we call a dish garden.  We then add some moss to the dirt and a pretty bow.  These are nice because they offer lots of textures and different colored plants.  Once the plants begin to grow they can be re-potted and continue to grow into bigger containers.  Any plant can have some temporary color added by putting some cut fresh flowers in water tubes.  Next time you need some greenery for your home or wish to send a lasting gift to a friend or a Funeral Service consider a plant.  It also brings lots of Oxygen to it surroundings and can help purify air!  Just another plus.


Summer Bouquets!


Nothing says summer quite like a brightly colored bouquet of flowers.  A color palette that conjures up feelings of bare feet in green grass!  To create such a display use a mixture of flowers and textures, just like you would see in Your garden.  In the below picture, we have incorporated some sunflowers, green kale, liatrus, brightly colored carnations, alstromeria, solidago, wheat and a fun butterfly in a yellow clear vase .  The design is compact but not roundy.  It has some low lying flowers and “pokey outy” flowers – round flowers and linear flowers.  In this design we did not use much greenery or filler, but just straight color!  The focal point is the sunflower but the placement of the other blossoms make those stand out as well.  So bring some summer inside with some fresh blossoms for those really hot days you want to stay cool inside but enjoy some those summer blossoms as well.