Monthly Archives: August 2019

Special Events Need Flowers!


Are you having a special event.  If so, you need to bring some colors and life to the celebrations.  First you need some smaller pieces for perhaps tables or side spaces.  Little nooks and crannies are perfect for side pieces to bring colors to dark spaces.  Larger displays can be added for centerpieces for a focal area or congregation point.  Below we utilized bright colors and soft colors to create an organic look.  Greens, light pinks, brighter pinks and yellows.  A mixture of flowers adds more textures to the bouquets so we selected, gerberas, spray roses, hydrangea, babys breath, carnations, snapdragons and mixed greenery.  There are low designs and taller designs.  In this situation lower centerpieces will be displayed on dinning tables so guest can visit and taller pieces on food and photo tables.  Next time you have an event don’t forget to bring in some florals to help create an event your guest will always remember fondly,.  And Your Florist can help!


Listen and Learn.


How to become a great designer?.  This may be easier than you think.  If you guessed practice then you are only partially correct.  The bigger picture is about listening ad learning.  I found over my years at the stores, that people who watch and listen to the designers around them become the best designers.  The desire to want to always do and be better with the mechanics of designing.  I believe that creativity and floral designing can be taught if a person really wants to learn.  You learn after almost two decades what works and what does not in design.  What are good habits and what habits can turn bad.  It is very easy to stay on top of this when learning when we appreciate where the suggestions for betterment will take us.  And that place is the Great Designer.  Even after all my years hear I still watch and learn new things.  I am a sponge…still.  These lessons come from new ideas and not just old ways.  The ability to appreciate all lessons and be thankful for the opportunity to continue to learn is important if you want to be Great at Anything!  So if you are new or experienced at any job, continue to be eager to always do better, learn new trick, watch others and listen.  Be thankful for all those lessons that help you grow into a great designer and never think you are above it.

Thank you