Monthly Archives: September 2019

Hearts In Flowers


It is an interesting phenomenon when flowers create shapes.  And one of the most interesting shapes we have encounter this year is the Heart.  We can never know what this means to others or why the flower took this shape but we are always amazed and touched when we see one.  If we come across a heart flowers we definitely use it in a design and feature is predominantly.  When in a flower garden or receiving cut flowers take time to really enjoy each blossom, you never know what treasures you may find.  Here a few of the Hearts we have found the past few months…

Heart      Heart1    Heart2   Heart3

Create with Color!


Some of the most memorable moments are created with color.  It is the end of summer and fall is on the horizon.  The below bridal bouquet incorporates many colors, flowers and textures.  With the changing of seasons we used violets, hot pinks, whites, oranges and yellows.   Flowers in this bouquet include alstromeria, berrys, roses, daisys, carnations, delphinium stock, fuji mums and variegated pit at the base.  Handheld bouquets are quite easy to create.  Start with one stem and then begin working each stem into place with one hand while holding the bouquet with the other hand.  Adjust stems by pulling or pushing the stems up or down.  Once it is completed take a piece of oasis tape and bind the bouquet together at the top until secure.  For this particular bouquet we wrapped the stems with white satin ribbon.   A pop of color is a great way to help create a excitement for you special day!

Color Bouquet