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Spooky Can Be Booootiful!


Add a little spooky to your floral bouquets to decorate for Halloween.  With so many people decorating for Halloween, it is a great idea to bring in those fresh cut blossoms and create a themed design.  In the design below we selected some flowers that are seasonal for fall in shades of reds and oranges.  They include different sizes and textures such as roses, daisys, mums and berrys.  To add a bit of a Halloween theme to it we simply tied some black netting around a cube vase and secured it with some orange tulle and sheer ribbons.  Then we took some sticks from branches and painted them black to pick in the middle of the bouquet.  It creates a booootiful bouquet with hints of a scary forest scene.  If you wanted to you could add some purple as well.  Perhaps some purple mums or a purple ribbon.  This particular design is nice because it has a mixture of elegance without going over the top with the Halloween theme.  If you want to go over the top you could add some spiders, or cobwebs made of glue.  That would be soooo scary!  As always Your Local Florist can help, so take advantage of their expertise.

Halloween Bouquet

Fall Folly!


This statement piece is in our front window display.  It is an over-sized Fall Bridal Bouquet that Sally The Scarecrow is holding.  We wanted to make this a bit overstated and wild.  It is constructed in a traditional bouquet holder meant for permanent flowers.  The base is lots of fall foliage such as leaves, wheat, cattails, curly ting, golden leaves, japanese laterns, pods and in the center a fall patterned bow.  In order to add color and little natural feel, we added some seasonal fall silks such as sunflowers and mums.  All together it created a stunning bouquet.  At first we meant just create an over emphasized fall design, but after it was complete it proved to be quite unique and I believe it could be used at the right over-the-top wedding!

Fall Bridal

Floral Crown


Seems simple enough, create a crown made of flowers and greenery.  Even for an experienced designer it is quite tricky and labor intensive.  First you need to create a round semi-flexible frame made of wire and wrapped in stem wrap to hide the wire.  Next tape and/or wire little pieces of greenery, flowers, filler or whatever your flower crown will be made of.  Then carefully tape/wire each piece onto the base working your way around the frame.  When you are done with that fill any gaps with a little hot glue and whatever fresh product will fill the space.  I always put the finished product on my head so I can see if any floral items are poking out funny or need trimming.  Once done, lightly mist it up and put it in the cooler to keep it fresh in a bag!  Floral Crowns are great for weddings or parties or themed events.  The one below has seeded eucalyptus, thistle, mini carnations.