Monthly Archives: November 2019

Thanks for 2019


This year was a season of change at the store.  Our shop was blessed with some new energy and talent this year.  We saw two new employees with new ideas and excitement for everything Blooms and flower related.  Change can create some anxiety, but if you stick with it, it can bring about some beautiful designs and interesting concepts.  I am grateful for our customers this 2019 as well because making them happy is what we are here for and our customers keep coming back.  2019 also saw a nice increase in traffic and sales.  This is especially challenging being a small florist in a small town.  I was discussing with one of the designers that I believe their positive energy and true delight and eagerness to interact and help customers is a big reason for our 2019 success.  And the change has kept me on my toes and engaged.  With that I have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving at the Shop and so does the Shop as a whole.  Check out this beautiful design that was created this year for a lucky recipient.  It is a basket cornucopia, with mixed florals and foliage in fall colors.


Be Bold!


I like this Bouquet we designed. Because it features bold colors and has a stem of this & that in unique shapes.  Liatrus for a tall linear flower shares space with larkspur that is tall but has a bit of bunchy to it.  Down in the bouquet a hot pink rose towers above the hydrangea.  Yellow spray roses add a pop of vibrancy to the side of the bouquet offset by a yellow carnation on the other side.  Orange is what really brings the final bold color in varieties of  alstromeria lilies and carnations.  Greens from the hydrangea frame the bottom of the vase and the variegated pit adds just enough white into the bouquet with its tips.  Next time you are considering a bouquet, try mixing lots of bold colors and see what a fun display can be created.  The nice mixture makes it like a party in a vase.  As always visit Your Local Florists because we love to help creating.