A Sea of Greens


What says Winter and Christmas combined more than fresh Holiday Greens.  During the first part of December we begin to receive in boxes of what we call Winter Greens.  These greens consist of varieties of douglas fir, noble fir, blue juniper, cedar, white pine, boxwood and occasionally holly.  We keep them nice and tidy in their boxes until we are ready to begin “greening in”.  Greening In is when we take handfuls of the assorted pine and begin to create the bases for our Holiday Floral pieces.  It takes some time so we try to get this task done the beginning of December so the greens can have a steady supply of water and the containers are prepped for filing.  It is important when greening in to make sure the needles are stripped off the base of each branch before placing the sprigs of pine into the oasis or vessel.  Any greens left stagnant in water can create a situation that is not favorable to the longevity of the flowers.  As a Florists you know that greening in can create quite a mess on the palm of your hands from sap.  However, within a day it usually comes off with normal washing.  The smell of the pine in the shop is wonderful.  If you are in the holiday spirit and want to create a beautiful sea of greens and scents, visit your Florist or even snip some pine from your surroundings and give it a try.  Merry Christmas!  http://www.bloomsflowershop.NET


About bloomsflowershopalbionny

4th Owner of Bloom's Flowers Shop, inspired by colors, textures and smells of fresh Blossoms In The Air. I enjoy helping others and look forward to walking through the doors of our trendy little shop each day in hopes of being able to make someones day just a little more brighter!

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