Monthly Archives: February 2020

2020 Valentine Challenge


Holidays can be particularly challenging for a Florist because the volume of orders to be filled increases drastically over the normal days business.  Valentine’s Day is the most challenging because a good portion of it occurs in 2 business day.  This year was no exception.  It was particularly challenging because we were the only Florists in our zip code accepting orders and we had a dance requiring corsages rescheduled to Valentine’s Day.  For this reason it was important to do all possible prep work prior to the week of Valentine’s Day.  Any little thing right down to assembling delivery boxes, wrapping candy, and making bows needed to be ready.  The only tasks there was time for was helping customers, assembling bouquets and delivering.  This year we depended on alot of helpers to come in and assist in duties to keep us on track.  In addition to helpers, experienced staff was a must.  Everyone had a role to play in order to successfully complete this holiday.  Don’t take the local Florists for granted during the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day because they are working overtime hard to ensure senders and recipients are happy.  2020 was a success thanks to alot of teamwork-  Teamwork makes the dream work.  Below is a photo of our beautiful keepsake dozen rose bouquet we featured this year.  A traditional design of one dozen long stem red roses in a porcelain keepsake vase featuring a gold raised heart and many mixed greens.


2020 Love’s Embrace Bouquet


We are on the heals of Valentine’s Day and this year’s premium mixed flower bouquet is our 2020 Love’s Embrace Bouquet.  This bouquet is designed in a fluted vase with a raised red heart on the front of it.  Inside the bouquet are a variety of premium flowers that are themed around traditional holiday colors.  Flowers such as green hydrangea, red roses, white and purple alstromeria, red and pink roses, lavender larkspur and red tulips are represented.  The arrangement is mid-size with flowers designed outward from the vase.  The center larkspur adds some height and a nice texture to the elegant design.  For a pop of greenery there is baker fern and variegated pit framing the bouquet.  Roses are a beautiful and traditional option for Valentine’s Day and another option is also a mixed bouquet like this one.  Visit your local Florists this Valentine’s Day to get some great handmade designs.  Be sure to shop early to get the widest variety of designs.