Monthly Archives: March 2020

Standing Spray Accents


I love doing a standing spray. They are so pretty and you can create some fun lines with them. With this spray I used large tropical leaves, purple snapdragons, and purple stock to create the lines. I kept the leaves exposed so that the colors and variegation were visible giving the piece a bit more drama. The inside of the standing spray has lighter lavenders. so on the outside I used darker hues of purple to create the lines. When creating the dark purple lines I grouped the specific florals together to create a more bold effect. Together with pops of green kermit poms all the colors pulled together nicely. When creating a spray of this size I use a Jumbo easel cage so the stems have enough room to hold in place and can have a better water supply. Standing sprays do not have to be so conformed a little poking out here and there really brings them to life. Even a little tepe as in this design on the edges adds the right amount of added texture.


St. Patty and Kermit


St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to really feature the Kermit Pom named after Kermit The Frog.  The Kermit Pom is a green button chrysanthemum with a little round head made of teeny little florets.  They are available year round to be used in bouquets of all kinds. Due to the number of flowers that are on a stem this option can be a good value when creating bouquets and adds a fun pop of color with its green hue. It also has a long vase life of 10-14 days!  Below you can see the Kermit Pom worked into the bow at the base and popping out of the top of the bouquet. We utilize the Kermit Pom all year long, however at St. Patty’s it is a must have to add some fun extra texture and shape to a bouquet. The green is a different shade than the traditional holiday green or dark green.  Along with green carnations and babys breath, the more green the better on March 17th!  All the more chance of bringing on the luck of the Irish.

St. Patty