ReGrouping To Create Again!


Time to regroup after something no shop can plan for .. an unexpected shutdown. We have been closed for nearly one month now due to COVID and I have finally received a firm confirmation that it is OK to do business out of the shop as long as there is only 1 employee in the shop at a time and all orders are taken via phone or web only. Regulation says for now customers can not enter the Shop. Items can be touchless curbside pickup or delivered. Great news because we are on the heals of Mother’s Day and we will need to get a plan. Usually for Mother’s Day we create features in advance for customers to select from. This year will be a bit different because stock within growers and warehouses is a bit unpredictable because of the halting of the supply chain due to many business shutting down. But we are very excited that we will be able to get fresh product and each design will be not only a surprise to the recipient but a surprise to designers as well! We will be able to get really creative with what we receive from our wholesalers. As long as we have supply and resources we will fill as many orders as we can for Mom’s for delivery. On Monday 4/20 we will get working within the guidelines for our safety and our recipients to try to begin to spread smiles with our Blooms again! It is going to be a different way of doing business but we are up to challenge.  Can’t wait to get back to it. First clean and organize then roll our sleeves up to tackle each day as it comes, to the best we can. Wishes for good health to everyone.


About bloomsflowershopalbionny

4th Owner of Bloom's Flowers Shop, inspired by colors, textures and smells of fresh Blossoms In The Air. I enjoy helping others and look forward to walking through the doors of our trendy little shop each day in hopes of being able to make someones day just a little more brighter!

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