Monthly Archives: May 2020

Spider Plant


Talk about a plant with legs. This beauty is so full and is loaded with little babies. It is called a Spider Plant because it fills in and clusters like a Web. Spider Plants are very easy to grow. They require only indirect sunlight and well drained soil kept watered. They can take it a little coolish. It is OK to let them dry out a bit in between watering once in a while. If the plant gets too moist it could get root rot.  Roots on the Spider Plant are tuberous. The most popular varieties are ones with variegated leaves. Many people will hang these plants because of the drape, however a nice pedestal stand also works nicely.  The plant will sprout forth other plants that will start as little white blossoms. When the plant gets over loaded with little baby plants simply trim or snap them off and place them in some water for a bit of rooting. Once the roots are established pot the roots in soil and watch a new plants grow. This is a fun plant that can be shared with friends and family as a little keepsake.


Mother’s Day 2020 Lessons


I will never forget Mother’s Day 2020 at The Flower Shop. We had to do alot of out of the box thinking to handle the volume within the perimeters of staffing that we were aloud by COVID restrictions. But we fulfilled what we committed to. We were able to exceed prior years volumes with only 2 of us working at a time.. gathering orders and creating designs. Normally I have 3-4 people at a time. We did the best we could. Carrie and Heather are awesome! As my one Supplier put it WOW, the story we had rang true for all Florists….. those that decided to open this Mother’s Day knowing it would be a challenge. The outpouring of love for Moms’ was unprecedented 💕. In my 20 years this was the first time we ever had to cut off orders. It did make me sad because I know many were loyal customers. I hope we never have to do that again, just another casualty of COVID. What I experienced this week and a half proved that families need each other and the void is real. Right down to the phone messages people left me, willing to give me anything if I please would send their Moms something at The Villages because the situation is so sad and they can not even visit their Moms…some of whom had COVID. They could not comfort them, they could only send flowers. How could I say no to that even though is was after our cutoff. I couldn’t and I didn’t. Truth be told…every person that left me a message I called back and tried to work something out for flowers for Mom. Or the gentlemen that called at Noon today because they needed funeral flowers for their Mom who had passed this Mother’s Day weekend. I had only enough flowers left to fill this order, so we stayed late and they will be ready for Monday AM. This holiday, for This Florist will go down as the most memorable and heart tugging.