Spider Plant


Talk about a plant with legs. This beauty is so full and is loaded with little babies. It is called a Spider Plant because it fills in and clusters like a Web. Spider Plants are very easy to grow. They require only indirect sunlight and well drained soil kept watered. They can take it a little coolish. It is OK to let them dry out a bit in between watering once in a while. If the plant gets too moist it could get root rot.  Roots on the Spider Plant are tuberous. The most popular varieties are ones with variegated leaves. Many people will hang these plants because of the drape, however a nice pedestal stand also works nicely.  The plant will sprout forth other plants that will start as little white blossoms. When the plant gets over loaded with little baby plants simply trim or snap them off and place them in some water for a bit of rooting. Once the roots are established pot the roots in soil and watch a new plants grow. This is a fun plant that can be shared with friends and family as a little keepsake.


About bloomsflowershopalbionny

4th Owner of Bloom's Flowers Shop, inspired by colors, textures and smells of fresh Blossoms In The Air. I enjoy helping others and look forward to walking through the doors of our trendy little shop each day in hopes of being able to make someones day just a little more brighter!

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