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A Traditional Basket of Posies


Sometimes a person or occasion requires a bright vibrant mix of flowers and other times a pretty mix of pastels is more appropriate. Maybe the recipient is very traditional or perhaps it is for a sympathy and a quieter design is more appropriate for the circumstances. This basket below can be used for either occasion. It is a mid size design with a higher price point because it features many roses, both full size and spray roses. Also included in the design are some green hydrangeas, white alstromeria lilies and carnations in shades of pink. There is no filler in this design and does not require it because the spray roses are enough of a delicate touch. Framing the design is baker fern and isreali ruscus. The wicker basket has an accent of green satin around the handle which is a nice touch instead of a bow. This particular design is more traditional and does not feature any gardeny or linear flowers which helps to keep the design round and compact. This style of bouquet could also work if you were intending a bolder color scheme. This could be done by using yellow roses and purple alstormeria and red carnations. Ask your local Florist for help and they will be happy to help select the perfect posies for your basket.


Lily Of The Valley


This is a most interesting flower because it is widely cherished, but not widely available. I have never had the pleasure of working with this particular blossom in the shop over my time here. Reason being that it is very expensive to purchase and many customers can not afford it. Another reason that I have found in the past is the suppliers do not like to offer it because it is a very temperamental and delicate flower. They do not travel well to the wholesaler because they are so delicate and the lifespan of the blossom is short. So many times by the time it travels to the wholesaler onto the retailer and then to the customer the blossoms are fading. So I was presently surprised when one of the Designers here had some growing in her yard a brought me in a handful freshly picked. Oh they smelled so good and were so pretty. I would say they lasted about 4-5 days in my vase. The vase life is generally 2-6 days so I did well. Lily Of The Valley are bulb plants which are not the longest lasting blossoms, but beautiful non the less. This experience inspired me to purchase some bulbs. When they come in they will require a shady spot and hopefully next year I will have started my own patch. Even an Old Dog like me can learn some new tricks. If you see a floral or foliage you find interesting, give it a try because you may find a new favorite!

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