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A Rose Shortage 2020


June/July of 2020 has brought in Rose prices higher than Valentine’s Day for the Floral Industry. Why you may wonder? There is a Rose Shortage. Approximately 3 weeks ago I was notified by my suppliers of a Rose Shortage. It was creating quite a price bump in prices. In some cases we are paying at the retail level, at times, 80% more per stem. During the early days of COVID Floral Growers were forced to destroy much fresh product due to cancelled events and businesses closing/pausing. Many Rose Growers who were away from production for a week or more were forced to cut their Rose Bushes down in order to prevent disease and further waste. This has created a shortage in the supply chain as the plants grow anew. Good news is this is all temporary and I have been told that hopefully within the next couple of weeks supply should be plentiful again and prices should be begin to fall back. This is another challenge to Florist’s who don’t want to discourage flower buying by rising prices during these economic times of hardship. At our Shop we are holding our prices at regular pricing for now and as long as we can in anticipation that prices will go back to normal soon. The effects of COVID does have roots & legs and has effected the supply chain from the “ground up”.