Monthly Archives: August 2020

Rose Lily


The Rose Lily has become one of my new favorites. It is an oriental lily that is loaded with petals as the blossoms open. I feel like it is a bonus flower because it has the scent of an oriental lily, the shape of an oriental lily and many petal within it like a rose – thus the Rose Lily. So far I have had these in the shop in white and hot pink/white. Both are truly beautiful. Nice thing about an oriental lily is that it is hardier and last longer than the similar asiatic lily. Now they do cost more money, but you get your moneys worth. They are very splashy for sympathy bouquets and elegant enough to use in an everyday arrangement. Paired with Roses, like below, they are an exquisite gift for your Sweetheart. This particular design is in a vase with seeded eucalyptus on the edges and calcinia tucked in between the stems. This display with the large mixed lace and satin bow ties this entire arrangement. Next time you want a beautiful bloom that makes a big statement, consider the Rose Lily! It has the sweetness of a gardenia and a powerful scent, but magnified.


Training Time!


The Shop is training a new Designer and shop employee. Alot goes into training. Trainees need to learn about selling, learning product, designing bouquets, delivering, product care and much more. Let’s focus on designing. Some tips for a beginner and common pitfalls are: Always remember to tape oasis into containers, trim greens down to good scale based on the arrangement, when designing remember to work items into the sides, remember to give the base of the design good coverage and not jut focus on the top of the design, evenly disburse flowers so the design is balanced properly/ for mixed designs select flowers of different texture and shape to give a mixed design some character, try a little filler to add some lace to the design and always use a mixture a greens. These are some basics and there is much to learn as experience grows. With a good eye, good ears for learning and lots of practice a new designer can begin to work with confidence in no time. No matter the design it is most important to listen to the customer to be sure the finished product is what they asked for. The design below has all the elements of good composition and coverage with a variety of floralsĀ  Happy Designing!