Monthly Archives: September 2020

White Elegance


There is something about an all white bouquet of flowers that seems so pure and unspoiled. The way the blossoms are framed by only greenery and no other colors gives it a clean look. The below bouquet was created as a sympathy display but could easily be universal for any occasion. It is what we would call a Homestyle Sympathy piece because it is perfect for a memorial and the home. This particular bouquet features rose oriental lilies that are quite unique because they are shaped like a rose but have many petal within the blossoms like a rose. They are paired with white roses and accented with white hypericum berries. Flowing from the edges of the vase are eucalyptus leaves and bear grass. This give the bouquet a bit of an elegant flowing effect. Because this was for a service I include a mixed white bow of satin ribbon and sheer ribbon. It adds a bit more drama to the piece. Other options for an elegant bouquet could be white hydrangea, white snapdragons or even carnations. I chose not to add any filler like gyp because I wanted to keep it clean looking, however you could add some for a bit more texture. Visit your Florists and they can help with your design and floral selection!

Fall Transition


It is that time of year that we must start the transition into fall. Technically it will be fall in 5 days! Summer did go by quickly. Summer and Fall both create the brightest colors of flowers. Below is an example of how to hold onto summer while dipping your toe into fall. There is a nice mixture of daisys, roses, stock, status, hydrangea, mini carnations, sunflowers and status. The colors are summery with whites and pinks and yet the addition of the sunflowers and purple stock. The ferns also bring a lacy yet transitional bold feel to the design. This particular design was done in oasis in inside of a plum cube base. A touch of natural raffia would also look pretty in this bouquet. I love all the different textures as well. Soft petals and more broad leaf greenery. It is an all around design so it can be enjoyed from all sides. Visit your local Florists and they can help you select the perfect mixture of florals and greenery. Happy end of summer.

Creating Floral Personality


Bridal bouquets can be made fun with a little accent. Some accents have sentimental meanings life a scarf or a ring and some feature fun accents. Years back we did one with big peacock feathers that was paired well with the flowers in the bouquet which were deep purple and whites. Below is a fun little handheld bouquet we did where the bride brought in little cotton ball pics. What a unique and neat little idea. I particularly liked it because the cotton balls were surrounded by soft colors like light pinks and ivorys. Poking in and out around the bouquet was dusty miller which adds another dimension of fuzziness! A few white berry springs and this bouquet was both whimsical and playful. The textures together were like a little cloud of love on the horizon. Florals do not have to be all about the flowers, sometimes a little added element can bring a whole new personality to the event or gift. Next time you are trying to create a mood, ask your Florists from some help to create something memorable and unique.