Monthly Archives: January 2021

A Rainbow Wreath


The ROYGBIV Wreath. The Acronym for the colors of the Rainbow. This is a perfect sympathy wreath for someone who was a dreamer. Dreaming of things over the Rainbow. It features colors of the Rainbow, each stacked together to create a vibrant display of colors. Each block signifies a different color of the Rainbow complete, as in the circle of life. This is created on large floral oasis wreath and simply requires the creator to know their colors and group like colored palettes together. This wreath features Red Roses and Alstromeria, Blue Gyp, Purple Poms, Pink Roses, Green Kermits, Carnations and Hydrangea, Yellow Roses, Alstromeria and Sunflowers and a little Peach Roses as well. Because the Rainbow does not have any white in it we used a white satin bow to stand out against all the colors that had script on it. This particular item was quite pricey, however you could do a smaller one with like florals sprayed with floral paint to get the same effect. It sets on an easel at either the service or a gravesite. These designs are very heavy because the oasis needs to be soaked well with water in order to have enough moisture to support the life of the flowers for a couple days. Next time you are considering a sympathy bouquet this could be a perfect option. Visit your Florist, as always, they would love to assist you.

The Delivery


Twenty years of delivering and I have learned alot. Most obviously I have learned how to properly read the map using the house numbers for village vs. rural and I know every road in our county! With Valentine’s Day coming and the necessity to bring in people to help with deliveries, it is important to be somewhat strategic in our containers for this Holiday. Reason being no matter how hard you try, arrangement may shift a bit during delivery. The best way to minimize the odds of an arrangement tipping over or becoming unstable is to pick a container that has a flatter bottom and will be balanced in a way that it is not top heavy. Valentine’s Day is a holiday where a decent percentage of your yearly sales is delivered in 2-3 days. Normally I do run deliveries, so I know all the tricks. But for those that are kind enough to help me out, I want to make sure it is as easy and stress free as possible. No one wants to come back and tell us they spilled a delivery or one got disheveled … although I do encourage them to do this because the last thing you want is an unhappy customer, especially when you have worked so hard. This year’s selections are in route to us and they consist of containers that can be easily packed into a vehicle or pick-up by a customer. It is important that your customer can easily transport the arrangement too. We do offer vase boxes for such situations. During normal business we package all vases in boxes, but for Valentine’s Day when there is so much to go out the door and a small window of time, we rely on boxes that hold several vases for delivery purposes. A stable container is also easier to leave on a doorstep too if a recipient is not home. One year we did martini glass arrangements. They were clever and really pretty, but from a delivery stand point is was a bit challenging. Weather can also play a big role for February and windy days can place havoc on designs. So when you do not have the luxury to mess about with an unusually shaped container, flat bottomed and balanced containers are the best. Here is hoping for good weather this February 12-14 😉❤ Maybe you will get a special delivery.