Monthly Archives: March 2021

An Easter Calla Lily


When you think of Easter Plants your mind goes straight to the Easter Lily with it’s large trumpet shaped blossoms atop a sturdy stem. But another great choice is a Calla Lily Plant. This bulbus plant has many stems and blossoms coming from it’s pot. The leaves are very similar to the Peace Lily Plant and sometime they are spotted. They come in a wide variety of colors such as yellow, lavender, white, pink, purple, red, and the below is orange. The florets are the most interesting shape, similar to a fluted challis. To enjoy this plant you either leave the blossoms on the plant or cut them and put them into a cut bouquet. Cut Callas will last a good amount of time before fading when properly cared for. When purchasing individual Callas cut, they can be quite pricey. An alternative would be to purchase a plant that has many blossoms on it and then you can plant it outdoors during the warm season and watch it rebloom. Making it multi-purpose. This is a great spring blooming plant as a gift especially at Easter or even Mother’s Day. We dressed this plant up with some spring foil and topped it with with a mix bow for Easter. So next time you are looking for a unique gift for a unique person at Easter, consider the Calla.

Build Your Luck !


Display your St. Patty’s day luck in a big way! Get creative with a sheet of foamboard and fresh product. First get some foamboard and cut it in the shape of a lucky clover. I got a black foam so that it will blend in better with the moss. If you want to go further you could get a white one then paint it dark green. Next I used sheet moss because it has better coverage than spanish moss, but you could use spanish moss too. I adhered it with spray adhesive. If your moss is brown you can then spray it with some green moss paint to green it up a bit. Another option if your feeling really creative and have time, would be to hot glue on some white daisy, green kermit poms and/or carnations sprayed green. Make sure to cut the blossoms off the stem flush so they are as flat as can be. For a fun mosaic you can mix the variety of flowers or you can go for a more uniform design. When you complete your art, you can prop this up on a table or even hang it on your door. So give it a try and maybe you will bring some luck your way.

Yummy Flowers!


Looks good enough to eat- this flower cake! But if you cut into it you might be surprised to see a big block of floral oasis under all of these pretty blossoms. This little cake is designed on a preformed oasis that is shaped like a cake and attached to a plastic cake pedestal. The form first needs to be fully soaked in water. The cake pictured below is very creative and colorful. We used lavender daisies, viking poms, kermit poms and touches of babys breath for the sides, with a few ribbon pics loops for a bit of flare. On the top we used white minis, little lavender buds and a single rose in the middle. It is all topped off with tiny candles. If you want your cake to look more realistic you can use all white cushion poms around the cake and decorate the top with any fun colors and different shaped blossoms. To keep this fresh, the recipient can give the foam a touch of water each day until it stops drinking. Next time you are looking for something festive yet less traditional, consider this unique option. Blossom Apatite.