Spider Plant


Talk about a plant with legs. This beauty is so full and is loaded with little babies. It is called a Spider Plant because it fills in and clusters like a Web. Spider Plants are very easy to grow. They require only indirect sunlight and well drained soil kept watered. They can take it a little coolish. It is OK to let them dry out a bit in between watering once in a while. If the plant gets too moist it could get root rot.  Roots on the Spider Plant are tuberous. The most popular varieties are ones with variegated leaves. Many people will hang these plants because of the drape, however a nice pedestal stand also works nicely.  The plant will sprout forth other plants that will start as little white blossoms. When the plant gets over loaded with little baby plants simply trim or snap them off and place them in some water for a bit of rooting. Once the roots are established pot the roots in soil and watch a new plants grow. This is a fun plant that can be shared with friends and family as a little keepsake.


Mother’s Day 2020 Lessons


I will never forget Mother’s Day 2020 at The Flower Shop. We had to do alot of out of the box thinking to handle the volume within the perimeters of staffing that we were aloud by COVID restrictions. But we fulfilled what we committed to. We were able to exceed prior years volumes with only 2 of us working at a time.. gathering orders and creating designs. Normally I have 3-4 people at a time. We did the best we could. Carrie and Heather are awesome! As my one Supplier put it WOW, the story we had rang true for all Florists….. those that decided to open this Mother’s Day knowing it would be a challenge. The outpouring of love for Moms’ was unprecedented 💕. In my 20 years this was the first time we ever had to cut off orders. It did make me sad because I know many were loyal customers. I hope we never have to do that again, just another casualty of COVID. What I experienced this week and a half proved that families need each other and the void is real. Right down to the phone messages people left me, willing to give me anything if I please would send their Moms something at The Villages because the situation is so sad and they can not even visit their Moms…some of whom had COVID. They could not comfort them, they could only send flowers. How could I say no to that even though is was after our cutoff. I couldn’t and I didn’t. Truth be told…every person that left me a message I called back and tried to work something out for flowers for Mom. Or the gentlemen that called at Noon today because they needed funeral flowers for their Mom who had passed this Mother’s Day weekend. I had only enough flowers left to fill this order, so we stayed late and they will be ready for Monday AM. This holiday, for This Florist will go down as the most memorable and heart tugging.


Delight Mom


One more week until Mother’s Day. This year there will be alot of people wanting to express to their Mom’s how much they love and miss them. Many of us are not able to spend time with Our Mom’s right now because of COVID. Happily we are going to be able to send lots of love and smiles to Mom’s in our area this Mother’s Day. We are working with a limited staff and product but we are going to work smart and do as much as we can while supply and resources last. Every arrangement will be created with stock we receive each day from suppliers. What will that be? It will be the freshest blooms available from Growers given their own limited staffing. Since our return on 4/20 it has been working well. Selection has been good. This basket below was created with fresh product as one of our Designer Choice. It included snapdragons, roses, stock, liatrus, carnation, poms, daisy, hydrangea, mixed greens, filler twigs all in a basket with a pretty bow. I was taught that when you know what you are doing you can take what is given and create something beautiful. Any good Florist knows that is true. Send Mom flowers this year and let the Designers get creative for you. Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms!


ReGrouping To Create Again!


Time to regroup after something no shop can plan for .. an unexpected shutdown. We have been closed for nearly one month now due to COVID and I have finally received a firm confirmation that it is OK to do business out of the shop as long as there is only 1 employee in the shop at a time and all orders are taken via phone or web only. Regulation says for now customers can not enter the Shop. Items can be touchless curbside pickup or delivered. Great news because we are on the heals of Mother’s Day and we will need to get a plan. Usually for Mother’s Day we create features in advance for customers to select from. This year will be a bit different because stock within growers and warehouses is a bit unpredictable because of the halting of the supply chain due to many business shutting down. But we are very excited that we will be able to get fresh product and each design will be not only a surprise to the recipient but a surprise to designers as well! We will be able to get really creative with what we receive from our wholesalers. As long as we have supply and resources we will fill as many orders as we can for Mom’s for delivery. On Monday 4/20 we will get working within the guidelines for our safety and our recipients to try to begin to spread smiles with our Blooms again! It is going to be a different way of doing business but we are up to challenge.  Can’t wait to get back to it. First clean and organize then roll our sleeves up to tackle each day as it comes, to the best we can. Wishes for good health to everyone.


Brighten Your Day


April 2nd and the shop has been closed for 1.5 weeks due to COVID19. There is not alot of fresh flowers available at the store from prior to the closing. What I did have were some Poms. Three different colors perfect for a little spring bouquet. Yellow and white daisy poms and purple button poms. Together with a little bubble vase I have at home, I came up with this little beauty for my table at home. The length of these stems on these particular blossoms allowed me to cut them down at similar lengths. Then I arranged them in my hand and placed them in the vase. The leftover stems I simply cut down to fill in the little holes. This bouquet has no greens, but it totally feels springy. Sometimes the simplest of bouquets can lift your spirits and brighten up your day and living space. Good health to everyone, stay safe. Soon your local Florists will be open for business and eager to brighten everyone’s days.



Standing Spray Accents


I love doing a standing spray. They are so pretty and you can create some fun lines with them. With this spray I used large tropical leaves, purple snapdragons, and purple stock to create the lines. I kept the leaves exposed so that the colors and variegation were visible giving the piece a bit more drama. The inside of the standing spray has lighter lavenders. so on the outside I used darker hues of purple to create the lines. When creating the dark purple lines I grouped the specific florals together to create a more bold effect. Together with pops of green kermit poms all the colors pulled together nicely. When creating a spray of this size I use a Jumbo easel cage so the stems have enough room to hold in place and can have a better water supply. Standing sprays do not have to be so conformed a little poking out here and there really brings them to life. Even a little tepe as in this design on the edges adds the right amount of added texture.


St. Patty and Kermit


St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to really feature the Kermit Pom named after Kermit The Frog.  The Kermit Pom is a green button chrysanthemum with a little round head made of teeny little florets.  They are available year round to be used in bouquets of all kinds. Due to the number of flowers that are on a stem this option can be a good value when creating bouquets and adds a fun pop of color with its green hue. It also has a long vase life of 10-14 days!  Below you can see the Kermit Pom worked into the bow at the base and popping out of the top of the bouquet. We utilize the Kermit Pom all year long, however at St. Patty’s it is a must have to add some fun extra texture and shape to a bouquet. The green is a different shade than the traditional holiday green or dark green.  Along with green carnations and babys breath, the more green the better on March 17th!  All the more chance of bringing on the luck of the Irish.

St. Patty

2020 Valentine Challenge


Holidays can be particularly challenging for a Florist because the volume of orders to be filled increases drastically over the normal days business.  Valentine’s Day is the most challenging because a good portion of it occurs in 2 business day.  This year was no exception.  It was particularly challenging because we were the only Florists in our zip code accepting orders and we had a dance requiring corsages rescheduled to Valentine’s Day.  For this reason it was important to do all possible prep work prior to the week of Valentine’s Day.  Any little thing right down to assembling delivery boxes, wrapping candy, and making bows needed to be ready.  The only tasks there was time for was helping customers, assembling bouquets and delivering.  This year we depended on alot of helpers to come in and assist in duties to keep us on track.  In addition to helpers, experienced staff was a must.  Everyone had a role to play in order to successfully complete this holiday.  Don’t take the local Florists for granted during the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day because they are working overtime hard to ensure senders and recipients are happy.  2020 was a success thanks to alot of teamwork-  Teamwork makes the dream work.  Below is a photo of our beautiful keepsake dozen rose bouquet we featured this year.  A traditional design of one dozen long stem red roses in a porcelain keepsake vase featuring a gold raised heart and many mixed greens.


2020 Love’s Embrace Bouquet


We are on the heals of Valentine’s Day and this year’s premium mixed flower bouquet is our 2020 Love’s Embrace Bouquet.  This bouquet is designed in a fluted vase with a raised red heart on the front of it.  Inside the bouquet are a variety of premium flowers that are themed around traditional holiday colors.  Flowers such as green hydrangea, red roses, white and purple alstromeria, red and pink roses, lavender larkspur and red tulips are represented.  The arrangement is mid-size with flowers designed outward from the vase.  The center larkspur adds some height and a nice texture to the elegant design.  For a pop of greenery there is baker fern and variegated pit framing the bouquet.  Roses are a beautiful and traditional option for Valentine’s Day and another option is also a mixed bouquet like this one.  Visit your local Florists this Valentine’s Day to get some great handmade designs.  Be sure to shop early to get the widest variety of designs. http://www.bloomsflowershop.net


The Flower Box


A sympathy design that bring the outdoors indoors.  This particular design was given to us to create for a funeral services.  It is designed in a plastic window box.  Make sure the holes are not punched out or the water will leak out of the bottom of the container.  You can use any types of florals, but this one called for all vibrant colors which I liked because it is so summery.  At the base of the inside of the container is wet floral foam to design the flowers in.  It has tall linear flowers, small bud flowers, round bud flowers and lilies.  This particular design features gerberas, delphinium, glads, lilies, daisys, roses, spray roses, snapdragons and carnations.  The base is covered with greenery and sheet moss.  This would be a great idea for a patriotic piece or a pastel assortment as well.  The flowers are all facing forward as would happen is a true window box.  Next time you are interested in a design that is real show stopper and unique consider this design.  Your Florist can help!  http://www.bloomsflowershop.NET

Flower box