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Holiday Amaryllis


Most people when they think of the holidays & flowers they think of centerpieces and poinsettias.  Well…what about a bulb plant like an Amaryllis??  They are so much fun to watch as they go from a little stubby stalk to a beautiful towering plant with gorgeous large trumpet shaped flowers.  We receive them in 2-3 week prior to the holidays, in pots, so they have time to grow & be beautiful for the holidays.  This year at my house instead of a poinsettia I decided to get cut Amaryllis already grown and harvested.  I put them in a cylinder vase so they are displayed perfectly with the florets coming out of the center.  They need no other accents or greens they are perfect on the own & very showy!  Like most flowering plants be sure to keep them watered so the florets will blossom big and beautiful.  For pots keep them in sunlight & for cut stems keep them out of the sunlight so they will last longer.


Till the Season to be Green & Jolly!


A florist job is all about the greens just before the holiday rush!  We spend many hours with our boxes of winter greens, such as white pine, cedar, firs, box wood, holly, etc.  Before the rush it is very important to make sure that all containers are greened in ahead of time and stored in our cooler & ready to be filled for the upcoming holiday week.  The cooler is set at 38 degrees which is perfect to keep these nice and fresh, while still drinking water!  The smell of pine is in the air and sure does promote the holiday spirit.  It also promote lots of hand washing since the sap is very sticky and dirty :).    Looking forward to next week when we can really start adding some color to the containers with seasons flowers of Pom Poms, Carnations, Roses, Gerberas and many more.  HoHoHo!