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Bigger is ..Just Bigger


When you see a floral bouquet how do you judge it?  Many people look at a bouquet and base it’s value on the size.  This seem logical.  However, the value of the bouquet is actually based on the types of flowers.  An impressive looking vase of Carnations and Daisys would be less money than a small bubble bouquet of Roses, Hydrangea and Wax Flower.  That is because these particular flowers cost more from the grower.  When looking at a bouquet check out the variety of flowers and the types of flowers.  The more variety the more textures it adds and enhances the design quality.  For example when making sympathy sprays it is possible to make an arrangement look large and impressive by using less expensive flowers and spreading them out more in the bouquet.  A design half the size might be twice the money if the flowers are more compact together in the arrangement and of higher cost.  So next time you see an arrangement don’t judge it by the size, but really look at the details like the types of flowers, textures and overall originality of the design.




Well Valentine’s Day is upon us and yes..Roses are still the top seller for Valentine’s Day.  There are a good number of those who like to send out mixed variety arrangement, but Roses are still the number one blossom between Sweethearts.  Each year we get in around 1000 Roses, give or take a few and it is quite a feat to get them all processed and ready for Valentine’s Day.  First we must strip all the thorns, then we peel off the guard petals. The guard petals are the outer petals of the blossom.  If we see damaged petals we take them off at the base of the blossom.  Then we cut a good inch off each stem to insure they will drink water.  Keep in mind these Roses have traveled some distance to make it to use, across the county or sometimes even countries.  We need to make sure they are in tip top shape and well hydrated!  When receiving Roses it is important to make sure that you place them in clean water with the some of the flower packet provided and always re cut the stems and place them in the fresh water immediately.  Fresh cut roses out of water can collect a air bubble in the stem and then that rose will not drink properly.  Lastly, keep your Roses out of the sun and warm places, they will last longer in cooler climates.  Change the water every 3 days to avoid bacteria and mostly…Enjoy!